Terrace Homes Exterior with Campfire

Terrace Homes builds smart.

We employ a modular building method, which differs from traditional building in that the majority of your home’s construction happens within our modern, 100,000 square foot factory building in Friendship, Wisconsin.  Your home is then moved in finished sections to your on-site location, but only toward the end of the building process, where final construction is completed.

By constructing your home within our factory, we are allowed complete control, giving us the ability to accurately predict the timeline and cost of your home building project far better than other methods.

During the building process, your timeline is not susceptible to unpredictable weather conditions or unreliable sub-contractors.  And your home’s materials are not subject to rain or snow, preventing, among other things, warping, future mold growth or decay that can often be caused by such exposure.

The modular method is also smarter in its sustainability.  The streamlined building process produces much less material waste, especially if the home plan chosen is a standard Terrace Homes design.  With our familiarity in building those designs, we know exactly what quantity of material is required, and do not have excess to be thrown away in the end.  Our home plans are also designed sustainably, producing a weather tight, energy efficient home.

Time and time again, the modular building method has proven to be the most dependable way to build.  Even banks, in the lending/approval process, appreciate the predictability of modular building, as it avoids the surprises that are typical with traditional construction and that can drastically affect the projects final amount.

“We looked at many different builders, both stick and factory build homes and sat down and priced out homes with several builders  We felt we got the biggest bang for the buck with Terrace Homes, without sacrificing quality.”
– Russ and Paulette, Hales Corners, Wisconsin