The Abby French Doors

Terrace Homes steps in right after you have purchased the land, and we know exactly what to do from there. 

Terrace Homes has built over 7000 homes in our 40 years. We take that accrued knowledge and experience and apply it to your project, understanding all of the ways the building process can be made simpler for you.  For each project, we also take the time to receive multiple bids on the services needed, so that we are assured that you are getting the best pricing for each phase of your home building process.

All of your planning is also simplified by the convenience of having everything happen in one place.  Centrally located in Friendship, WI, Terrace Homes is nearby no matter where you live or where you’re building.

Our office is on site, where we meet to go over Home Plans and take care of any paperwork details.

Our Home Models are on site, giving you the opportunity to walk through and get a better idea of what your home may really feel like.  You can get a sense of flow and think through how you would modify things to best suit you and your family or guests.

Our Design Studio is on site, filled with all of the exterior and interior finishes you will want to consider and select.  Finishes are carefully researched and only the best products with the best warranties are selected, and those are updated annually.  We filter down the choices, giving you the perfect variety of selections to fit your style, without being overwhelmed.  And you’ll work with Ruth Donovan Interiors, who will guide you effortlessly through the selection process.

And the factory is on-site, so you can visit and see first-hand how your home’s construction is progressing. In the meantime, we are carefully coordinating the preparation of your land for the arrival of your home. 

“We enjoyed working will all of you.  Building a house can be a nerve racking, frustrating proposition.  We found working with Terrace to be a pleasant, enjoyable experience.”
– Jerry and Carol, Rome, Wisconsin