Arab Viagra is a unique product for increasing potency in men. It is the drug “Arab viagra on the market appeared relatively recently, but has already won respect among the stronger sex.

This “Assistant” on the principle of operation is similar to that of “Viagra”, but unlike it consists of natural ingredients rather than from chemical constituents, which is very important. Constituent components Act on the body of a man, but gently.

The main component of the “Arab viagra is ginseng, known for its healing properties that affect the human body. Included with ginseng saponin has a therapeutic effect on the male body, namely stimulates sexual activity, improves sexual function and increases sperm motility.

The same ingredients leads seahorse. It turns out that even in ancient times it was used in Chinese medicine. In China it is still popular among men, because it increases the potency increases the time of intercourse, and has a general tonic action on the organism as a whole.

Another component of the “Arab Viagra” is a sexual organ of wild deer. Used in folk medicine since ancient times for better health. Extract from wild deer penis in the East is considered to be the best tool to combat impotence. It is recommended to use in men with prostate disease, rapid ejaculation, impotence and not stable erection.

Antlers-antlers of young deer. Concentrate of antlers in antiquity was considered a popular means of longevity. It is proved that the pantah contains useful biological compounds, vitamins, necessary for the treatment of various diseases. To the East, doctors prescribe male antlers urologists to fight prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system. But the main property of concentrate of antlers remains beneficial effects on sexual function and treatment of impotence.

Walnut pulp has on the male body a huge impact, which is part of the zinc is necessary for the full development of the sexual glands, it is responsible for prostate and adjusts the level of the male hormone testosterone. Walnut improves potency and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Cinomorij Crimson-has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation and improves the blood flow in the muscles of the lower extremities, thereby strengthening men’s health. This plant belongs to the afrodiziakam, and thus can improve male libido.

Dereza or Goji Berry has tonic, tonic and protivostressovym properties. Berry increases the content of testosterone in the blood, thereby enhances libido, as well as treats infertility in men.

The Arab viagra lead and other plant components and celebnee herbs, having a positive effect on the urinary system and organism in General.

This amazing product consists only of natural ingredients, practically has no contra-indications. The use of “Arab viagra is not recommended for men with allergies to the components in the productive use of the drug. The use of the drug with caution is recommended for people with diseases of internal organs.

“Arab Viagra” is a salvation for many men of all ages. After all, if not regular sexual life, increases the likelihood of prostate, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Men lose confidence in yourself, start nervozy and depression.

Taking the drug “viagra” increases the Arab quality erections, increased sex drive, extended time to orgasm. Men’s force returned, and with it increased mood, its own self esteem, depression and drowsiness, passes increases efficiency.