You are at our website, which is a great place to start!    In addition, we strongly encourage you to visit our Model Homes in Friendship, WI.  We have seven fully decorated model homes on display that you can walk through and begin to imagine what layout is best for you.  You’ll also see on this page,  the opportunity to chat live with our staff, who can answer any questions you may have as well as provide preliminary pricing information on the model homes.  Have questions before you make the trip?  Give us a call at (608) 339-7888.

Yes.  Absolutely!  We have great flexibility in our home designs.  Whether we start with one of our home plans or from scratch, we’ll work together to design a home that fits your needs and budget.

We provide turn-key construction services throughout the state of Wisconsin.  We can service anywhere in the Midwest, so feel free to contact us regarding the availability of Terrace Homes in your area.

We do not offer in-house financing.  Our homeowners normally work with a local bank of their choosing.  Banks offer a variety of New Construction programs. Most common is a “construction loan” during the building process and then an “end loan” at the completion of the project.  We encourage you to contact your banker for more information.

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