Welcome to the Terrace Homes Design Studio

Now that you have selected your ideal building site and have decided on your perfect home plan,

it is time to focus on giving it a look and feel that is uniquely you, inside and out.

There is, perhaps, no reason more compelling for building a custom home than to have the opportunity to style it your way. From the exterior design through to the main living areas and down to the smallest interior spaces, you have the opportunity to choose every finish, and see to it that your custom home has your style reflected everywhere. But how do you make this part of the custom home building process fun, and not overwhelming? How do you know that you’re making the right style choices when you are feeling unsure? How do you even know where to begin?

Terrace Homes has this figured out for you. Right on location, all in one studio space, we have your exterior and interior finishes optioned for you. We have taken the time to research the best manufacturers out there; to compare offerings and compare warranties, all so we knew we had only the best in our studio. The variety is wide and style choices are abundantly unique. You will love to explore and discover.

But we don’t leave you to design on your own. Partnering with Ruth Donovan Interiors, we provide a professional interior designer to be by your side, to help you discover your style, and to steer you toward design ideas you’ll love. By first telling us about you, we are able to recommend finishes that fit your lifestyle, your taste, and your budget, and ensure that your custom home building project will be uniquely you, inside and out.